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Books about Tennessee:

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110. Tennessee land entries: John Armstrong's office; 3,236 items and 399 p.
        ISBN#0-944992-60-9; price: $38.00 or NC res. $40.00
        [contains land entries recorded in John Armstrong=s office (in Hillsborough, NC) for land in Tennessee;
abstracts of some surveys in South central Tennessee are included]

111. Tennessee land entries: Military Bounty Land (1783-1841); 13,826 items on 1,595 p. + xvi;
        ISBN #0-944992-61-7; price: $142.75 or NC res. $150.75
        [contain information about ALL bounty land warrants issued by North Carolina to former members of
regiments of North Carolina Continental Line; also includes information from location books from Nashville
land office; information in this book is mostly from North Carolina Archives and Tennessee Archives]

112. Tennessee land entries: Washington Co.  (John and Landon Carter's office); 3,209 entries and 488 p. + xii
         ISBN #0-944992-62-5; price: $52.00 or NC res. $54.80
         [contains land entries recorded in Washington County, TN; entry takers were John Carter sr, Landon Carter,
and John Carter jr]

113. Tennessee land entries: Greene Co, Sullivan Co, Preemptions, Surveyor's Rights, Evans Batallion,
        & Miscellaneous; 5,188 items and 520 p. + xix  ISBN #0-944992-69-2; price: $50.00 or NC res. $52.75
        [contains land entries recorded in Greene Co and Sullivan Co and preemption claims, surveyor's rights,
& Evans' Batallion warrants recorded in Davidson Co also contain cross reference between John Armstrong
warrants & NC land grant files and some miscellaneous items]

114. West Tennessee Surveys (1783-1788); 442 items and 79 p. ISBN #0-944992-73-0;
         price: $7.50 or NC Res. $7.90.
        [surveys for land in West Tennessee relating to grants by North Carolina]

115. East Tennessee Commissionersí Minutes 1806-1818;  2,184 items and 275 p.
        ISBN #0-944992-76-5; price: $24.50 or NC res. $25.90
        [contains minutes of East Tennessee Commissioners deliverations about North Carolina
 land warrants]

116 William Maclin warrants & West Tennessee Commissioners' Decisions; 3,459 items and 294 p.
         ISBN #0-944992-90-0; price $27.00 or NC res. $28.55

117. Valid & Invalid North Carolina Land Warrnats in Tennessee; 2,780 items and 325 p.
         price $28.50 or NC res. $31.35

118. Tennessee Rivers & Creeks (1820)  [water ways shows in Matthew Rhea's map of Tennessee]
         price $11.00 or NC res. $11.70

North Carolina resident prices reflect applicable 7% sales tax.  Shipping is included in all prices.  All the above book are available from:     Bruce Pruitt; Box 815; Whitakers, NC  27891

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